Community Track Overview

The Community track is hosted and made possible by the team at Intel.

The difference between a successful open source project and/or consumption/contribution and a not-so-successful experience is often community. We’ve seen it time-and-time again.

We feel community and community focused content are so important we’re dedicating a stand-alone event to it this year – the Community Leadership Summit (CLS) on Monday, October 31. 

And good news…

We’ll also feature an entire track dedicated to the topic on Tuesday (November 1) and Wednesday (November 2) as well. Experts and thought leaders from all over the U.S. and the world will be speaking and participating. 

Tuesday, November 1

Beyond the Spreadsheet: New Tools for Managing Successful Open Source Projects

Thabang Mashologu, Zenhub

Approaching open source documentation the right way

Uduak Obong-eren, Chegg

Lessons Learned leading an OSS Diversity Team

Fatima Sarah Khalid, GitLab

The 10,000 Steps of Open Source Project Health

Dmitry Vinnik, Meta

Going Beyond Code – Why All Contributions Matter in Open Source

Nithya Ruff, Amazon

Streamline and Automate Community Management with GitHub

Rizel Scarlett, GitHub

Wednesday, November 2

Successful Community Management in Open Source

This is a panel discussion

AmyJune Hineline, Red Hat (moderator)

Creating Community: A frank discussion between a megacorp and a start-up

Karen Chu, Microsoft Azure & Matthew Butcher, Fermeyon

Project analysis day 1: finding your project in a jumble of data

Sophia Vargas, Google      

Modern Community Management: A lesson through acronym

Jen Wike Huger, Profian

How Do You Know If Your Project Is Any Good?

Avi Press, Scarf

How To Talk About Your Open Source Project So People Get It

Emily Omier, Emily Omier Consulting LLC

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