Health and COVID Policy

*This page will be updated leading up to the event and as additional data and information becomes available. Please check back regularly. Last updated June 6, 2022.

Attendee safety is of utmost importance to us. We view our community and attendees as family and we want to be the most responsible hosts possible. We are closely monitoring federal and local sources of COVID-related information and we will continue to do so through the conference. *And please note, we are ~5 months away from the event and a lot can change between now and late October/early November. We will revise our statement and policy as needed and will notify our community of changes right away.

*Please read the following items all the way through 

  • First and foremost, we strongly encourage anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID, or any illness for that matter, to stay home in late October/early November and watch the live streams we are making available. Full refunds will be available to anyone cancelling as a result of exhibiting symptoms through the event. There is no deadline for this type of refund.
  • All attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. 
  • Proof of vaccination is defined as a two shot regimen of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, or a single Johnson & Johnson shot. Proof of a booster will not be required. 
  • A negative test is defined as negative PCR or antigen results within 72 hours of entry into the event. Attendees must bring negative test results and present for verification before entry. 
  • Can’t show proof of vaccination or want to quickly test onsite before entering the conference? Good news! We are working to have onsite rapid antigen testing available for anyone interested (results will be available within 10 minutes of being tested). Our plan is to have a test team onsite and ready to administer rapid tests – we are in the process of finalizing details now. We want to do everything possible to ensure attendee safety while making it as easy as possible for anyone interested to attend and participate, and we sincerely hope this helps. 
  • At this time (~2-3 months out), there will not be a mask mandate in place at the conference. Masks will be encouraged, and they will be available onsite and free of charge. *Please note we will continue to monitor the situation closely and we reserve the right to change policy and implement an indoor mandate if warranted on short notice. We will notify our community right away if/when the policy changes. Refunds will be issued to anyone deciding not to attend due to a policy change. 
  • All attendees will have to pass through a quick and easy digital wrist-based temperature check station upon entering the Convention Center. Elevated temperature remains the #1 indicator of illness, according to the physicians we’ve spoken with. A threshold of 100.4°F must not be exceeded. If a temperature of 100.4+°F is detected, attendees will be asked to “cool off” in a waiting area before trying again. We understand temperature can be elevated due to walking, high outdoor temperatures, etc. In the event a high temperature results in not being able to enter the Convention Center, a full refund will be given. 

What else are we doing to keep attendees safe? 

  • Attendance will be capped each day of the event to allow for more distance between seating and to decrease traffic congestion in hallways and session room areas. 
  • Session rooms will be configured to allow more distance between attendees. For example, classroom seating will replace theater style seating in all programming areas. 
  • A wristband system will be in place for the immuno-compromised, or anyone with a heightened concern. This will alert others to maintain a safe distance at all times and/or when possible. 
  • Outdoor areas at the Convention Center will be fully utilized, as they were in 2021, to maximize outdoor opportunities throughout the conference. The weather is typically very good in Raleigh in the fall – we sincerely hope it is this year also. 
  • We are working closely with Centerplate and the Convention Center to ensure food / beverage preparation and service health guidelines are closely followed and adhered to.  

Learn more about in-person safety