101 Track Overview

Introductory level content is extremely important to many existing and early-career open source technologists.

So important that we created a stand-alone event focused on it called Open Source 101 about 6 years ago.

The good news..  an entire track of 101-level content will be featured at ATO 2022. See who’s speaking and what topics are being featured below. 

Tuesday, November 1

Open Source contributions: A catalyst for growth

Edidiong Asikpo, Ambassador Labs

The State of Open Source Software, Security & Support

Javier Perez, Perforce

Where Do Great Open Source Contributors, Maintainers, & Hires Come From?

An Executive Panel Hosted by Major League Hacking (MLH)

Jon Gottfried, Co-Founder, MLH

Intellectual Property and Open Source 101

Jim Jagielski, Salesforce

How to enable HTTPS everywhere (even internally)

Patrick Easters, Sysdig

How to Avoid Burnout

Jason HIbbets, Red Hat

Should My Open Source Project Be a Nonprofit?

Jack Aboutboul, AlmaLinux

Wednesday, November 2

Release Radar – How and why you should do releases for your open source project

Michelle Mannering, GitHub

Open Source: The Next Generation

Mike Swift, Major League Hacking

Demystifying UX Design and the Software Development Lifecycle

Kelly Miller, Optum Labs

Verbs, Not Nouns: Writing Documentation Users Want to Read

Brian MacDonald, DigitalOcean

Lessons Learned From Launching New Open Source Projects

Steve Taylor, DeployHub

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