What We’re Doing to be Safe In Person

Even though COVID numbers are much, much better than they have been and the pandemic continues to subside, it’s still with us and impacting people around the world. Because of this, we must remain vigilant and do everything possible to protect our community at the conference this year.

We’ll configure the spacious Raleigh Convention Center to allow for distancing between attendees and all participants.

Rooms will be configured to allow for more space between attendees as well.

Overall attendance will be limited as compared to 2019. The end result should be less congestion all around.

In addition to the immediate Health and COVID 19 measures being taken, we’re also doing the following:


We’re limiting overall attendance to decrease traffic and room congestion. In 2019, the last year we hosted an in-person event, just under 5,000 registered and attended. As a result, hallways and breakout rooms were packed and bustling both days. We’re reducing those numbers in 2022 and will implement spacing measures to allow for distancing between attendees.


We’re limiting the number of overall tracks and sessions.  In 2021 we hosted about half the number of tracks and sessions we hosted in 2019. In 2022 we’ll increase that number a good bit, but not back to pre-COVID levels. The goal is to decrease congestion and allow for some distancing.


We’re reconfiguring the floor and exhibit areas. The goal here is to again decrease traffic congestion and increase space between attendees and exhibitors, and among exhibitors themselves. For example, rooms will be configured in a classroom setup as opposed to theater style. 


We’re working with our Convention Center food vendor to implement enhanced food safety protocols. We always make lunch available to attendees and all participants to prevent having to go offsite to eat/drink. We’re working to make eating and drinking as safe as possible.


We’re working with the Convention Center to ensure enhanced cleaning and air filtration measures are implemented onsite, and that cleaning products (sanitizers, masks, etc.) are readily available and located throughout the space. This will reduce the probability of infection and spread.


We’re increasing and improving messaging both before and during the conference, to make sure our community and attendees are aware of safety best practices. We’ll create and distribute consistent messaging pre-event and we’ll do the same onsite in October.


We’re working hard to better utilize outdoor spaces around the Convention Center, and around the greater downtown area as a whole. Fresh air is a good thing, and we want to expose attendees to it as much as possible.


We’re working with networking host sites and partners to ensure best-practice safety protocols are in place and that outdoor space is fully utilized. All are eager to work with us to make any onsite experience the absolute safest it can be.

Have an idea regarding additional measures we can take? Let us know at [email protected]

Last updated October 7, 2022