Student Scholarships Available

Student Scholarships being made available by the team at IEEE SA

We’ve made student scholarships available to ATO from the beginning in 2013.


We strongly believe tomorrow’s technologists need a solid understanding of open source processes and technologies. This understanding will directly result in better upward career mobility and marketability, better prepared job candidates, as well as better, more efficient and effective technology the world will consume and use. 

Who’s Eligible?

Students at two (2) and 4 year colleges and universities, as well as code schools and high schools are eligible. Everyone must be an active student, but there is no minimum number of credit hours to be eligible.

How Do I Get One?

If interested please reach out to the ATO team directly at [email protected], subject line “Student Scholarships”.

What Can I Register For Using A Scholarship?

All scholarships are good for both core conference days – Tuesday, November 1 and Wednesday, November 2, as well as Extended Workshops on Monday, October 31.

Is Availability Limited?

Yes, availability is limited and many have already been claimed. If interested please reach out as quickly as possible.

If I’m a Teacher/Professor, Should I Reach Out?

Yes, absolutely contact us if you have students that might be interested.


Contact the ATO team with questions at [email protected].