Session: TypeScript Static Analysis Hidden Gems

The TypeScript language adds a suite of services around TypeScript code that enable powerful code analyses and automations. But, most developers only use TypeScript lightly at development time. It can do so much more for you!

This talk will present a practical overview of some of the latest and greatest developments in the open source TypeScript tooling space, including:

  • typescript-eslint: features for finding detecting real bugs in your code, and APIs to let you define organization-specific rules
  • eslint-plugin-expect-type: a consumer of typescript-eslint’s APIs that enables enforcing what types exist in your code
  • ts-prune: detecting unused code with the power of the type system
  • TypeStat: converts JavaScript to TypeScript and TypeScript to better TypeScript

This will also cover the TypeScript “program” and “language service” APIs used to power those tools. We’ll see how those APIs work together at a high level to provide powerful information to all these tools.


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