Session: The State of Open Source Software, Security & Support

Software is driven by the building blocks and innovation of open source software. There are shifting realities on open source software community support. Security and supply chain attacks are top of mind including the latest case with the open source library Log4j and the Spring4Shell vulnerability in the Spring framework. Every project and every community are different and they are changing. We have release support, community support, technical support, and open-source commercial support.

The recent CentOS and AngularJS end-of-life (EOL) has attracted more attention to changing long-term support (LTS) and EOL terms across open source communities. With open source security as top of mind, developers and organizations are reassessing their LTS plans for key open source software within their stacks.

In this presentation, Javier Perez, Chief Evangelist at Perforce discusses what developers and organizations need to know about the latest on open source software, the most used open source technologies, and an overall state of open source, including:

  • The 2022 State of Open Source Report
  • Open source support life cycles
  • Open source security
  • and more


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