Session: It Takes a Community to Craft an Experience

For many of us, most things in life come pre-decided. People with no relevant context about our environment, our culture, or our socio-economic dynamics get assigned the power to make life altering decisions for us. This had been accepted as the status quo in the software industry since long, until Open Source demonstrated otherwise. The adoption of open principles in design practices has a proven potential to bring down majoritarian thought dominance on how users around the world interact with different products. The organisations, who have pioneered the practices of making design decisions, need to come to the forefront, inspire and educate others on how to build in the open with community participation.

In this talk, I want to give examples of practices I follow as a designer at an open organisation to boost community participation and dialogues in the design phase of product development and at the same time maintain the equity in influence. I will be sharing the learning I’ve had overtime and how I overcame the barriers by making small adjustments to my approach. We don’t have to take just big leaps to accomplish dreams for a fair, equitable and more tolerant world. Sometimes small steps as changes in processes work equally well.