Session: IoT Has Layers – Learn all of the pieces you need to build your IoT product

People who want to build an IoT product don’t know the full range of services that will make their product successful. Not understanding the missing pieces are a risk for startups and enterprises looking to launch an IoT device/service. This talk will cover these 12 “layers” in detail, including why they are important when scaling up a successful product. After we discuss the layers, we will look at popular platforms and service offerings. Developers often start with off-the-shelf platform solutions, which have upsides and downsides. We will look at:

What layers are included in each platform? Which layers are locked down? Which can be swapped out as a deployment scales?

What will the developer need to implement themselves if they choose a particular platform? Who would a developer need to hire if they choose to go with a custom solution on one of the layers? There is no one “”right”” solution for any IoT deployment, but we will give developers tools to evaluate solutions that are out there and make informed decisions about building IoT products that are the basis of future company revenue.