Session: How Do You Know if Your Project Is Any Good?

Are you, like many maintainers, struggling to get good data about who is actually using your project, how they are using it and why they downloaded it in the first place? Do you know how many users the project has, and whether those users even like it? Do you know what other technologies they use, what kinds of applications or workloads they use your project for or even what exactly they like (or dislike) about your project? In this talk, Avi Press will discuss ways to get quantitative data to get insights into who is using your project and what they are doing with it, and Emily Omier will talk about how to gather qualitative data on your project’s value and triggers that inspired adoption. Together, they’ll talk about how to use these two types of data to make better decisions about your outreach efforts, project roadmap and ultimate goals for the project.


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