On-Site and Virtual Gamification – 2022

We “gamified” the onsite and virtual environments last year (in 2021), and LOTS of attendees participated and played along.

It was so successful we’ll do it again in 2022.

What is “Gamification”?

In short, attendees at both the in-person and virtual events can / will accumulate points as they navigate around the conference environment and engage in certain activities throughout both core days. Those accumulating points at a certain threshold will be eligible to win amazing prizes.

How Do I Accumulate Points?

In-Person / Onsite

Onsite attendees can accumulate points for engaging in certain activities, such as:

  • Attending morning keynote talks each day
  • Visiting partner tables/booths over the course of the day
  • Attending wrap-up plenary sessions at the end of each day
Virtual Environment 

Virtual attendees can accumulate points for engaging in certain activities, such as:

  • Entering various rooms in the virtual environment
  • Visiting partner booths in the virtual exhibit hall
  • Downloading documents and watching video embeds

How Does It Work?

Onsite attendees will take certain actions, like the ones above, and a code will be unlocked. They’ll enter the code into the mobile event app and be rewarded with points. Prizes will be awarded to those with the most points.

Virtual attendees will accumulate points as they navigate around the virtual environment and take certain actions as well. Those points will be tracked on a Leader Board visible in the virtual environment. Everyone meeting a certain point threshold will be eligible to win. Winners will be drawn randomly from the group meeting the threshold.

How Do I Know The Rules and How Points Will Be Awarded?

We (the ATO team) will forward rules, guidelines and point system explanation to everyone registered for Tuesday and Wednesday about a week prior to the conference. 

Why Are We Doing This?

We feel gamification adds an engagement layer to the overall experience, which results in a richer, more fun experience for attendees choosing to participate.

When Will Gamification Take Place?

On both core conference days – Tuesday, November 1 and Wednesday, November 2. Please note, we’ll also give away prizes on Sunday, October 30 and Monday, October 31, but nothing will be gamified. Winners will drawn randomly from registered attendees that are onsite.

Who’s Eligible?

Anyone registered for All Things Open 2022 and actively participating onsite or in the virtual environment. Registering for ATO is the first step.

Is Playing Required?

Absolutely not. Competing is entirely optional for everyone.

What Prizes Are Available?

We’ve made some truly amazing prizes available for our 10 year anniversary event, including Macbook Pros, System76 laptops and desktops, HP DevOne laptops, Meta/Oculus Quest 2’s, Turing Pi 2’s, Raspberry Pi’s and more. See a complete list here.


Contact us at [email protected] with questions and we’ll respond quickly.