Learn Postgres from your Browser

A few weeks ago, we launched our Postgres Playground at https://www.crunchydata.com/developers/tutorials.

At the Postgres Playground, we run Postgres in the browser to power tutorials for all levels of Postgres experiences. For new-to-SQL or new-to-Postgres, start with the PSQL basics tutorial. For those experienced with SQL or ORMs, checkout the SQL joins tutorial. And for those who already know the LEFT, RIGHT, FULL, INNER, and OUTER joins, checkout the CTEs & Window Functions tutorial. There are even more tutorials, and more being added regularly.

At Crunchy Data, we are dedicated to open-source Postgres. Our team has committed about 30% of the code to the Postgres code base. We have leading contributors to PostGIS and important Postgres ecosystem tools like pgBackrest and pg_partmanon our team. Open-source isn’t just code, it is also knowledge transfer. We are happy that our blog (https://crunchydata.com/blog) is a high-quality source of Postgres information. With the new Postgres Playground, we make this knowledge transfer interactive – we’ve had a few college professors tell us this simplifies their introduction to SQL.

Crunchy is committed to making Postgres a more inclusive and diverse space for developers and tools like the Playground help us reach that goal.

To learn how to run Postgres in the browser, we wrote a walkthrough: Crazy idea to Postgres in the Browser.

We will see y’all at All Things Open. Cheers, the Crunchy Data Team.

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