2022 Poster – 10th Anniversary Edition

We began designing and offering an official poster 4 years ago, and quite honestly, weren’t sure what to expect.

What has transpired has exceeded all expectations.

Come to find out we weren’t alone in appreciating art and design, as evidenced by the many, many members of our community with a poster on their home or office wall.

We sincerely hope you like the 10 year anniversary poster.

2022 Design

We once again took a front-and-back approach as the front includes the primary visual/image and the back includes verbiage specific to 2022 as well as the sponsor’s logo.

2022 Theme

The theme of this year’s poster is “The Clock Strikes 10”, which of course is a reference to our ten year anniversary. The back verbiage also directly references the 10 year anniversary milestone.

Poster Size

All posters will once again be 24 x 36. This size is more expensive to print than smaller layouts, but it looks incredible when framed and/or displayed.

How Can I Get One Onsite?

We’re making a limited number of posters available each day of the 2022 event (all four days). This includes Sunday, October 30, Monday, October 31, Tuesday, November 1, and Wednesday, November 2. They will be available on a first-come first-served basis, so arrive early if interested.

Must I Register to Receive a Poster?

Yes, you must register for at least one day of programming to receive a 2022 poster. Before taking a poster you’ll be required to show a lanyard + name tag, which are only available to registered conference attendees. You can register here if you haven’t already. *The only exception to this are the VIP 1 and VIP 2 options. You can pay for a VIP package and receive a poster without registering. 

Are Posters Free?

Yes, posters at the event will be 100% free, no strings attached.   

How Can I Be Guaranteed to Get One?

If you don’t want to take a chance onsite you can be sure to get one by purchasing a VIP 1 or VIP 2 package, which can/does include a poster. We will ship the poster directly to you pre-event.

Who’s Making the Poster Possible?  

The 2022 poster is made possible by the amazing team at Meta.