Jay LaCroix

Personal Website

Jay LaCroix is an Educator, Technologist, and Systems Engineer, specializing in Linux and open-source software. During his career, he’s consulted with countless companies, assisting with many projects that include (but aren’t limited to) infrastructure solutions, migrations, DevOps, process automation, custom datacenter buildouts, and more – even directing entire IT operations. His true passion is teaching and mentoring others, so Jay recently stepped away from Corporate IT to launch his own company, Learn Linux TV. Through Learn Linux TV, Jay has produced literally hundreds of educational training videos pertaining to Linux and related technologies – and these videos now receive a half million views per month on average. In addition, Jay writes books on Linux, with his latest (Mastering Ubuntu Server Fourth Edition) now available. Outside of technology, Jay also enjoys Retro-gaming and Martial Arts.

Pronouns: He, Him